Unique Komodo national park

get off
the beaten track

spectacular and beautiful.


You want a unique place off the beaten track. Komodo is.

The Komodo National Park is a great place for your next liveaboard holiday. It is somewhat still remote but also easy to reach with a domestic flight from Bali. The Komodo National Park consists of thousands of islands with amazing marine life.

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Komodo NP is near the island of flores and lies around 1 hour by plane east of bali

jurassic World

On every trip with the liveaboard Moana we will go on land for a Komodo Dragon hike - visit the largest lizards in the world.

High biodiversity

Stunning Underwater World

The Komodo National Park is bordered by the Pacific ocean in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south. The area is quite shallow with big landmasses forming many channels and bays. 

The water streams causes high exchange of nutritions for the marine life in Komodo. This brings one of the highest bio diversities on the planet. 

Jurassic animals

Komodo Dragons

Yes, we are going for a hike to find the Komodo Dragons - the native lizards of the Komodo National Park. They only live natively on a few islands in the world.

They might look slow and disinterested - be warned. They can be fast and fierce with up to 3m in length.

awesome scenery

Hundreds of Islands

Komodo and all the other hundreds of islands offer beauty not only under water but on land too.

When you come from Bali or other Asian islands you might realised that these islands with its grassy surface look quite different. That is because they have Australian origins.

When are you coming to Komodo?