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Komodo National Park

You want a unique place off the beaten track. Komodo still is.

World Heritage Komodo

Hundreds of Islands and Bays

Fly into Labuan Bajo at the north western tip of Flores. We pick you up and then start to cruise the Komodo National Park with its two main islands Komodo and Rinca.

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Center of the Coral Triangle

Great Location

The Komodo National Park lies in a great locations. Easily accessible by plane from Bali (or Jakarta) Komodo is in the middle of the Coral Triangle. An area which is determinded with the highes biodiversity on the planet. It stretches from Bali to Iran Jaya and northern Sulawesi.

Komodo National Park

Komodo, Rinca and much more

The map below shows the exact structure of the park. The park was established to protect the Komodo lizards - Komodo Dragons. We will guarantee for you to see them on every Komodo Liveaboard trip we conduct.