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Diving Komodo

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Diving Komodo

The dive sites around Komodo are usually tropical warm. On the surface the water is 27/28°C. It can cool down to average 25°C on most dive sites. Please note that due to thermoclines you might experience a small drop, too. 

More interesting to know is that most of our Komodo diving guests wear a 5mm long wetsuit for their dives in the Komodo National Park.

Being certified as Advanced Open Water Diver is certainly helpful but we do not require you to hold that certification. We believe that quality training is important although we believe in proper awareness of each diver individually.

Know your experience and ability, err on the side of caution and be conservative in all your diving behavior and actions. Be concious at all times about the consequences and it's ok to say "No". It's not only you that is effected by your actions. There are others involved.

No, we do not offer Nitrox.

We believe you won't need it:

  • you will have more than 2h aboard between dives
  • Dives are usually conducted not deeper than 25m. Your decompression time with air is sufficient at that depth. We spent more time above 20m.
  • Due to posssible down currents you are glad to use air instead of the usual 32% nitrox which can be quite dangerous below 32m.

Komodo offers all kinds of dive sites and diving types. Yes, it is known for strong currents too. Those are caused and effected by the moon cycle as in any other area in the world. Of course there will be drift dives (and even reef hook dives) we also choreograph our Komodo liveaboard trip to balance drift dives with other dive types. Also note that we will always see the experience level and interest of our guests and act, plan our trips accordingly.

With maximum 10 guests and two local dive guides we have the max ratio of 5:1. Keep in mind that our Cruise Director is also available for guiding (less experienced) divers and we also have usually some cruising / snorkeling guests which reduces the ratio, too.

Absolutely! We have in our indoor salon plenty of work space and charging slots.

Yes. Apart from 8 full diving sets incl. dive computers there are plenty of different sizes for wet suits, boots and fins available. Also our BCD range is large. You can get the full set for 200 Euro / diver / trip. Individual prices are available too. Check the prices page.

General Komodo Liveaboard Info

Book your flights to the airport of Labuan Bajo, Flores (LBJ). Make sure you arrive by latest 10:00am on the day of your Komodo Liveaboard trip start.

There are options:

  • Garuda at 7:30am from Bali -> LBJ   recommended
  • Lion Air at 8:00am from Bali -> LBJ
  • Arrive night prior to your Komodo Liveaboard Trip aboard Moana and stay overnight in Labuan Bajo.

We can support you with the domestic flights booking. As we are a Garuda Agent note that we will book Garuda flights and have a small booking service charge per ticket. Simply let us know that you require the flights and we will tell you the current ticket prices.

Make sure that you arrive not later than 10:00am on the day of departure of your Komodo Liveaboard trip aboard Moana. We will pick you up either from the airport or hotel in LBJ free of charge.

We will finish the Komodo diving activities on the penultimate day of your liveaboard trip at around 12:00 noon. We get back to the harbor the next day at 11:00am. You can then take the flights starting 12:30pm.

  • Garuda at 12:55pm from LBJ -> Bali (DPS)   recommended
  • Garuda at 16:00pm from LBJ -> Bali (DPS)

We recommend the following flights

  • Day of Komodo Liveaboard Trip Start: Bali -> LBJ at 7:30am with Garuda
  • Day of Komodo Liveboard Trip End: LBJ -> Bali at 12:55pm with Garuda
  • flights one day prior to Moana trip work too
  • later flights after the Moana trip work too

Travel Info

To get to Komodo (or actually Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores) you need to be within Indonesia already. There are only domestic flight connections. 

Indonesia itself you enter usually to Bali (or Jakarta) and there are several visa forms. The most common as a general traveler / tourist is the free of charge, 30 days tourist visa. Practically speaking you do not need to do anything to get this. It's pretty much a stamp in your passport when you enter the country.

Other forms of visa and the specifics we need you to check with your official foreign departments of your home country or with Indonesian embassies or consulats.

The official answer is: Yes. Indonesia and Komodo itself is an area of malaria and dengue. The practical answer is: depends on your opinion personally. We haven't seen severe cases in many years living in the area although we are no doctors and we do not take any responsibility. This info here is layperson info only. Please consult officials for that matter. 

The local authorities start to follow their own guidelines now more and more on a daily basis. The guideline to dive in Komodo means that you need to have diving insurance. Travel insurance is highly recommended.

You can get short, mid and longterm diving insurance through us and our partners from DAN - Divers Alert Network.

Think of your stay aboard Moana as a beach holiday. It is usually warm and comfortable also in the night on deck. Take a zip jacket or jumper with you just in case.

There is no real dress code aboard. We like to say holiday casual and be sensitive with the other guests. During meal times we like you to wear a t-shirt or a beach throw-over though it's not a hard must.

Usually you can take 20kg with the Garuda flights from Bali / Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. Extra KGs are not too expensive and there is the option to take free dive equipment. Double check with the ground staff or on Garuda's website as this is usually considered second grade luggage. That means if there is space they take it but if the maxmimum load is met with all primary luggage they might not take it on your own flight but on the next.

Most of the common preferences we can address such as vegetarian or gluten free. We also manage vegan although at times the chefs use same pots / pans for cooking. Feel free to bring alternative food / ingredients and let us know in advance.